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Education Innovation Summit
29 May 2019


Karen (Pedersen) Walstra

Independent Education Consultant, Karen Walstra Consulting

Karen (Pedersen) Walstra

Independent Education Consultant, Karen Walstra Consulting


I am passionate about educational change! Assisting schools (education institutions) to evolve and address the changing educational challenges! Using technology (IT, robotics, coding, computational thinking) to enhance teaching and learning is a valuable key. Exploring teaching strategies, questioning techniques, using critical and creative thinking during lessons. #evolveschool

Working with Institutions to address educational development.

Encouraging school leaders and schools to address modern challenges, how to adapt to meet the needs of modern learners!

Advice around learning spaces and the modern classroom.

Inspiring teachers to use technology in their classrooms to augment what they do – using a wide variety of products and tools, choosing which are suitable to their own teaching and learning needs.

Getting good quality education into all our schools is a drive, through outreach programmes and / or using technology for distance learning.

Assisting schools to establish outreach, community involvement projects involving teachers and students.

Motivating schools and teachers to become Environmentally aware with lessons ideas and whole school environmental suggestions.

Specialities: Whole school transform – moving forward, adapting to change!
ICTs in the classroom (wide range) – teaching and learning using different technological products
Academic knowledge – what skills should we consider important as school leaders?
Design and Technology (learning through problem solving)
Learning Spaces – where should learning take place?
Environmental awareness within the school environment
Assisting in establishing outreach projects for schools