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Education Innovation Summit
29 May 2019



President of IIE MSA


President of IIE MSA


Professor Alwyn Louw was born in Namibia where he matriculated at the Outjo High School. His childhood in a rural environment allowed him the opportunity to develop an appreciation for the beauty and complexity of life without the advantages of modern facilities and typical urban life. The benefits of experiencing education in a small school environment provided excellent opportunity for developing good human relations and leadership skills in a supportive environment.

After completing his final school year he started with furthering his studies and had to work while completing his qualifications. His career took him from a period in the corporate world to embarking on an entrepreneurial route where he owned his own businesses.

With the experience of the excitement of growing his own initiatives he decided to resume his studies. After a year of further full-time study he was offered a lecturing position and started a career in the academic world. This led to further qualifications and a PhD in Sociology and a combination of lecturing combined with involvement in university management. He moved through the different layers of management up to where he is involved in executive management for more than a decade.

During the years he continued his involvement in civil society structures and focussed on translating his experience and opportunities into impact on the improvement of the lives of people. His involvement in the academic environment provided ample opportunity to nurture this interest and move around various environments. He focusses his research on his interest in development studies, organizational studies and leadership and innovation.  This is over and above his interest in the learning and teaching fields and developing the university of the future.

Alwyn remains committed to add value through opportunities that may develop and firmly beliefs that through effective networking and interaction with people, based on respect and honest sharing of capacity, significant improvement and growth is possible.

With thirtyyearsexperience in Higher Education he came through the ranks from a Lecturer in Sociology to the professoriate level and concurrently became involved in middle management and later in Executive Management.He served as Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice Principal at Technikon Southern Africa and the University of South Africa as well as Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic and Research at the Vaal University of Technology.

He joined Monash South Africa (MSA) in May 2014 as Academic President.  In this position he is responsible for the Academic portfolio at MSA, driving the process of establishing local academic vision, strategy and operational implementation.  In July 2017 Prof Louw was promoted to President of Monash South Africa.

During his executive management experience he was involved in and responsible for large restructuring processes, new innovation and international development projects.  Functioning in traditional university, open distance learning and the university of technology environments provided him exposure to different institutional types, ethos and modes of delivery and business models.